Why Mendocino?

Amid 90 miles of dramatic coastline, nestled within the landscape lies a small town with no stoplights—Mendocino. Observing from the Headlands, you can watch roaring coastal storms blow in that could rock you off your feet as you revel in nature’s fury, or view the mist of fog creeping in from the Pacific Ocean as it surrounds you, swirling around your feet. Behind you, a magnificent exhibition of the rugged mountains of the Mendocino Range covered with enormous redwood groves dot the landscape, with giant pine and eucalyptus trees in abundance and ferns taller than you. A vast array of wildflowers are on display in splashing colors that blanket the Headlands and its cliffsides and trails, and throughout the village are Easter-egg-colored Victorian homes. Mendocino County is littered with world class wineries, and it’s just a short jaunt to Sonoma and Napa Valley wineries, which will satisfy anyone’s palate.

Each of these elements plays an important role in my romance suspense writing: the weather, the landscape, and the small town charm, including the tight-knit villagers looking out for each other. Another important aspect in a writer’s world is that you write what you know and have experienced. I used to spend my summers here with my family to get away from the California heat, enjoying the cool water of the sea and playing in the natural wonders of nature from hiking, rock climbing, and horseback riding to boating and fishing, just to name a few.

Mendocino will always be a place of wonderful childhood memories—my home away from home. It is my hope that through my stories, I can share and bring to life to every reader my experiences of the awesome beauty of the Mendocino coastline and its people. If you ever visit this quaint Victorian town, who knows . . . maybe you’ll see a hot, gorgeous man walking down Main Street or diving for abalone off the shores of the Headlands.