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I would not be an author if not for the love and support of my family and close friends. Because of them, I’m able to share my stories with you, to go on adventures of danger and passionate love.

Participation of the RWA Conferences have been an enrichment experience, and a wonderful opportunity to share with the most important romance authors around the world.

Romantic Suspense Author

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Donetta Marie grew up in Northern California. She currently resides in Washington, DC. She graduated with Honors from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education in Social Studies. Her main passion of studies is anything related to Geography.

Throughout her childhood, Donetta won awards for her creative writing in school projects. The first time she was paid, she received $100 in the fifth grade for her writing an extensive report on the State of Tennessee. Since graduating from high school—and life’s twists and turns—put her creative writing skills on the back shelf—writing stories became an elusive dream.

With love, support, and a little push of encouragement from Donetta’s family and close friends, one morning she woke with a strong urge to sit down and begin writing a story that had been ever present on her mind for years. Thus, the creation of Fire Within began.

When Donetta is not writing, she loves to read, watch movies, swim, shop at farmer’s markets, and travel (including the beach with a book in one hand and a rum drink in the other). Oh! And she revels in going to the gym checking out the hot guys while working out with her personal trainer. She also enjoys good food, wine, conversation with close friends, and snuggling next to a warm fire with someone special.