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Romantic Suspense Author



Twitter: @Donetta_Marie

Facebook: donettamarie

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The ocean’s own seductive beauty,

Crystal blues and greens brings solitude,

The deep, dark abyss,

Quiet and cavernous.

Its foamy fingers stretch toward me,

Cool, damp sand exfoliate my feet.

Salty air tickling my nose,

Alone is sometimes bliss.

But its dangerous beauty . . .

In stormy seas hell holds no fury.

Its turbulent waves brings life and death,

Disquiet are its watery graves;

Peaceful slumber can be found,

Beneath the dark blue sea.

The tide rises and falls,

Waves whisper on the breeze,

Lapping at my feet,

Nostalgia pleads,

Look out toward sea.

Sigh . . . pure solitude.